A residency at Button Bay state park in Vergennes, creating a piece for Of Land & Local. Land(e)scape (play with the language below) is made from some of the beautiful, ordinary and strange plastics I have been collecting.

Over two weekends, I invited help forming the piece through making a part, a suggestion, observation, poem etc. with all ages.




Button Bay Nature Center

Visit Land(e)scape a sculptural work in progress: shapes, creatures, ideas

Hands on large drawing + notes area, packaging poetry

Read, observe, + participate in the written / drawn conversation if you’d like.

Play with found words from colorful packaging sources - write a word, poem or phrase.

What are the needs, possibilities, and successes of this moment?



Create Land(e)scape Elements Create a piece of the land(e)scape. Repurpose plastics.

Bring: 1 hour of time, perhaps a few items of plastics / trash to transform. Ages 9 and up. Younger than 9 with an adult. Your creation contributes to the project or can be kept by you.

Inspiration + Possible Creations:

Supporting terrain, rural, agricultural, forest, urban, geological time represented in layers.

Cityscapes, futuristic spaces, things from the past, buildings, blocks, things moving amongst them: creatures, machines living within and without, tools + equipment.

Cellular clusters, biological, microscopic + molecular structures, mineral concretions and crystalized structures





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