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Repurposed plastci plankton chandelier plastic plankton Ophiodea plastic chandelier styrofoam


Plastic Plankton Chandeliers. 2013. Upper left image 15" H x 12" W". Found plastics mostly K cups, compact florescent light.

Bottom image 8 x 9 x 9". Found styrofoam, compact florescent light.


Repurposing plastics - easily and abundantly found.

Inspired by plankton - from the Greek word for drifter, wanderer.

How else do plastics stream though our landscapes and systems?

Marine creatures are downstream of our waste streams. As plastics break into smaller pieces, marine life mistake the plastic bits for plankton. Plastics are persistent. As they disintegrate, they cycle through us and our ecologies – never biodegrading – just breaking into smaller pieces. Plastics have seemingly magical properties. As they become a part of, and go through us, they disrupt our hormonal systems. Molecularly they are endocrine disruptors, acting as keys deep within our cells - turning on and off bodily systems that evolved to function just-so over millions of years. How will the mutations that are activated effect us?

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