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Cycle the Tower of Power

A pedal powered test of strength where you make the electricity to light up a tower of lights, see how much wattage you are generating, and how much power we use. Cycles that are set off because of our energy use will be open for conversation. Come connect and Cycle the Tower of Power.

Three people pedal bicycles on trainer stands to generate electricity, lighting up a tower of multicolored lights and gleaming reused bike wheels. The faster they pedal the higher the lights go. Working together they light up all ten levels. Surrounding the tower is a wattometer that relates how much wattage is being generated to how much wattage different household tasks consume. Some household usages are way off the scale, this will be explained in text and images. Questions about the cycles our energy use sets off around energy procurement and production, pollution and human rights will be raised.

Cycle the Tower of Power is a seriously fun way to learn about energy.


• help people understand how much energy it takes to make energy
• foster working together
• encourage conversation about energy use and production
• and give a sense of accomplishment at having powered the tower themselves

Developed in collaboration with Bike Recycle Vermont. Link to them at





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garden - public works - luminescent - about - home