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Creative Creatures

Spark a Culture of Innovation
summer library STEAM education programs


electric creature creations
playing with plastics
learning with light

Creating creatures from repurposed plastic packaging & circuits, light them up with solar cells and LEDs, putting our new knowledge of electrical power to work. The glowing creatures then become characters in mythic stories of our own invention with journeys, conflicts and resolutions.

Adding the A to STEM education to make STEAM in collaboration with Vermont Makers.


Some materials that can be used to create with: milk jugs, soda bottles. bottle caps, trays from crackers etc., yogurt containers, soap and detergent bottles, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, plastic bags, styrofoam packaging such as ‘to go’ clam shells, or larger packaging, old broken small plastic toys, anything else plastic! toothbrushes, CDs, DVDs, k cups, the rings frombottle caps…

Examples of plastics to be used for creative creatures


A sample creature creation made from two tofu containers, wire, solar cells, RGB LEDs, and resistors. On the right, three small pictures of the circuit for the ‘tongue’. The LEDs will change colors.

Creative Creature Sample with repurposed plastics and two solar cells as eyes


Photos of participants creating at Champlain Mini Maker Faire, 2013

Plastic Plankton from Champlain Mini Maker Faire, 2013





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