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watercolor of a parrot painted by a child with Art from the Heart
Art from the Heart

A collaborative program between Burlington City Arts & UVM Medical Center. I have been honored to run the program since 2011.

Volunteers bring art supplies, ideas and devoted time to make art with patients, their families, caregivers and staff in the hospital.


Link to a post I wrote on Art from the Heart, The Art of Paper Airplanes

“Hi, I’m Rebecca with Art from the Heart. Do you want to make paper airplanes to fly at your doctors or nurses?”

As volunteers visiting patients and families at UVM Medical Center, we need quick and playful ways to evaluate how to offer support and offer families access to the arts. Art from the Heart volunteers approach children and families with only basic information, such as age and name. By introducing ourselves with a near practical joke we can see if kids may need time to rest or time to create. Our entrance into the room ideally inspires a giggle, even if it isn’t the beginning of an all-out art making and art-plane racing session.

Some of us don’t think we are artists, but most of us have made paper airplanes. Paper airplanes are a gateway to art making...


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garden - public works - luminescent - about - home